Monday, May 18, 2015

Ultraman Cake

Jersey Cake

birthday cake for the MU fan, happy birthday Andria Lottimonta... how sweet his wife my bestfriend Hikmah to surprise her hubby with this cake 

Soccer Cupcake

Perfect cupcake goodie bag for a soccer fan

Christmas Cupcake Set

To prove how lazy i am to update my blog qiqiqiqi.... this is christmas hampers from december 2014 

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christmas cupcake hamper

Frozen Castle Cake, Cookies and Cupcake

Frozen and Lego Cookies

elsa and anna cookies, lego cookies and cupcakes i made for nayra's class event, market day 

Superheroes Cupcake

from Batman to Spiderman and lets not forget the whole crew of avengers
Loving this cupcake set, design didn't come originally from me, copied from the internet.