Thursday, November 28, 2013

Castle Cake

my signature castle cake :)
happy birthday Sarah, thank you for thw order mb Lisna 

base cake is Rainbow Cake, covered with buttercream

Dinosaurs Cake

copied the design from Alexandra Karibe

ordered by mb Farrah Rahman, thx u for the order, and happy birthday Dylan :))
and thank you so much for the very nice commentary on the cake :))

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cowboy Cookies and Cupcakes

cowboy theme cookies and cupcakes, thank you mb Karima and Reska for the order... this is for Asi For Baby support group anniversary event

chocolate mini cupcake
vanilla cookies

Supermom Cake

copied the design from, love the design !! :)

a very thoughtful birthday surprise, thank you Ciko for the order

base cake is Rainbow Cake
covered with fondant

Monday, October 21, 2013

To mama with love

ordered by an old middle school friend of mine, for her mom's birthday
co cwiit 
as requested, she wanted a figurine of her mom, with padang's restaurant plates ( this coz her family owns a very famous Padang Restaurant ;) ).... and a pile of jeans ( huh?... this one i don't get... hehehe... but there sure is a wonderful story behind it )

thank you for the order, Anggi :)

Sofia The First cookies

sofia the first cookies... with edible image

Hello Kitty Cake

my first attemp to make a hello kitty cake... happy with the result, whaddya think?  ;)

this is quite a big cake, size 35cm, red velvet cake

thank you Reska for the order :))

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spiderman Cake and Cookies

a spider man cake, simple 18 cm fondant  covered chocolate cake
and matching vanilla icing cookies, these were made by my sister-in law, yup she makes amazing cake and cookies too... we might open up our cake shop together soon *wink-wink*.... hihihihi

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Cake and Cookies

18 cm round chocolate cake, covered in fondant
and vanilla cookies 

Homer Cake

as requested by Miss Poppy.... this is probably how she sees her husband xD LoL
this is red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, covered with buttercream

Pet Animals Cupcake

for the love of our pets... we have chicken, squirrel, bunny rabbit, cat and dog on mini cupcakes for Sheima's 5th birthday bash 

Monster High Cupcakes and Cookies

monster high cupcakes and cookies... never know about monster high before i got this order, 

i thought little girls only about pretty princesses, ponies and barbie dolls, i guess monster high are for little rebel or little goth!

Ballerina Cake

as requested, a ballerina theme birthday cake, complete with a ballerina shoes, ribbon, all pretty in pink

and no, this is not my daughter's birthday cake.... same name but different girl :) , quite misleading, i got plenty of birthday wishes for my daughter after i post this picture on my blackberry... hihihi

happy 9th birthday, naira... i haven't met u yet, but i'm sure you are as wonderful as my nayra

Toy Story Cupcakes

Cars Cookies

1st birthday mini cupcake

Minion Cookies

kenapa tiba2 blog saya jd berbahasa inggris yahh.... hihihi.... bukan bermaksud mengkudetasisasi vicky prasetyo ya... :p

oh well, so obviously it's been quite some time that i found a new passion, that is cookie decorating
in time, now i finally got the tricks in cookie decorating such as how to achieve the right royal icing consistency, or the right temp to re-bake the cookies after decor... etcetra

Army Theme Cookies

Around the world cookies

after taking a long break due to Ramadhan and vacation afterward, this is the first project i took, a frequent customer of mine, the Honeybee party organizer ordered the around the world theme cookies.... what a challenge!

so i made eiffel tower, big ben tower, pisa tower, colloseum of rome, and the statue of liberty

do you think i rise to the challenge? well i was just happy to finished them on time, and i do feel quite satisfy with the result, i think they're cute

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty cake and mini cupcakes

Lately i love to use edible images for the decor for my cakes,
they're cute, really pop on your cake and easy to make... and they're delicious too,
i covered the back with white chocolote so they can stand up.

Iron Man Cake

another iron man birthday cake, obviously this is a very late post :p
this cake was made during the iron man movie still running on cinemas all over the city and became a hit

i didn't even got a chance to watch the movie, so i wasn't quite sure that all the characters i put on the cake was the right one.... oh well, i googled em surely, hope i got them all right :p

Angry Bird Cupcake Set

a cupcake set of 12 red velvet cupcakes,
regular size
got myself a new alphabet fondant cutter, cute rite ;)

Hot Wheel Cake

hot wheel cake theme for Radit's 6th birthday 
the hot wheel logo and happy birthday sign were made from edible paper and white chocolate

AC milan cake

a fondant covered chocolate cake, for an AC milan's fan who also works for the justice department... see the logo? hihihi :p 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Owl Cake and Cookies

finally... i had the chance to make owl birthday cake and cookies....luurveee it!!

Purple Girly Birthday Cupcake Set

a 14th birthday cupcake set of 12, w/ all the girly things and purple color scheme, just as requested

happy 14th birthday, Nisa...
hey, we hve the same name....hihihi

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yongseo Cupcake Set

yongseo cupcake set, for goguma indonesia's birthday event

thank you for the order, Amy and friends

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shirt Cake

Thank you Fita for the order
had a terrific time make this cake :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Butterfly Cake

A one tier topsy turvy cake, 
covered w/ colorful butterflies

22cm round chocolate cake

Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Blue Elephant Cake, Cookies and Cupcakes

This is for Zola's 1st Birthday Bash
theme was Blue Baby Elephant

Happy birthday Zola and thank you for the order mama Tyas

Lyka Rainbow Birthday Cake & Cupcake

Happy Birthday dear Lyka :)
thank you for the order mb Adriani

Size 18 cm square chocolate cake

and mini cupcakes with rainbow colored buttercream for goodie bag.

Baby 1month Cake and Cookies

For Putri Irvina's baby 1 month celebration... we had the honor to make stroller cookies, babies theme cupcakes and a cake. 
The color scheme are blue and yellow.

I had a good time making those cute stroller cookies and of course those tiny baby stuffs for the mini cupcakes: onesies, safety pins, baby bottles, blankie and toys :)

Iron Man Cake

Iron Man Cake for Fatih's bday cake
thanks for the order mama Fitri :)

30x30 cm square chocolate cake, buttercream covered. 

Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh Cake

As requested we have a double theme cartoon character for Adinda's bday cake..
Pooh bear and Hello Kitty :)
This is a 22x22 cm square chocolate cake and an 18x18 cm square vanilla cake. 

Daisy Duck Cake and Ballerina Cupcake


Happy 1st Birthday to Salsabila, 
the cake's theme is Daisy Duck 
and Ballerina for the mini cupcake goodie bag.... 
Lookie lookie at the mini ballerina dancers and tutu dress for the cupcake topper.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Classmates Cupcakes

personalized cupcakes to share with your classmates

Ariel Birthday Cake and Cupcake for Sheima

thank you mbak Hilda Ganis for the order
this is for Sheima's birthday party at school, the theme is Ariel the Little Mermaid

Boboiboy and Bicycle

Double order from Farrel's mom,
for birthday celebration at home and school

Thank you for the order mb Fifiek :)