Monday, October 26, 2015

Simple Cupcake

thank you for the order mb Fitria
happy birthday sweet Difla

Hot Wheel Cake

Hot wheel cake for 2nd birthday 
happy birthday Ello
and thank you for the order

Hello Kitty Cake

i am super happy when a customer let me decide the design by myself, so i can be creative and give all out.
this is hello kitty on a picnic
happy birthday Rania
thank you for the order mbak Teffi

Sweet 17th Birthday Cake

what a cute and romantic sweet seventeen birthday cake
love love love those darn cute chubby bears
thank you mb dewi for the order

Thomas cake and cookies

Dibo cookies

Peter rabbit cookies

DIY cupcakes

a do-it-yourself cupcake decorating set, consist of 'naked' chocolate cupcakes, buttercream, rolled fondant and assorted sprinkles.
have fun decorating your cupcakes
thank you for the order :)

Golf Cupcake

a lovely birthday cupcake set for a dad who loves golf and ac milan. 
happy 39 birthday
thank you for the order :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rainbow Cake

for a mom who loves bags and clothes, happy birthday ibu Rita
thank you for the order

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ultraman Cake

Jersey Cake

birthday cake for the MU fan, happy birthday Andria Lottimonta... how sweet his wife my bestfriend Hikmah to surprise her hubby with this cake 

Soccer Cupcake

Perfect cupcake goodie bag for a soccer fan

Christmas Cupcake Set

To prove how lazy i am to update my blog qiqiqiqi.... this is christmas hampers from december 2014 

Check out my instagram account for more updated posts @anisaarman

christmas cupcake hamper

Frozen Castle Cake, Cookies and Cupcake

Frozen and Lego Cookies

elsa and anna cookies, lego cookies and cupcakes i made for nayra's class event, market day 

Superheroes Cupcake

from Batman to Spiderman and lets not forget the whole crew of avengers
Loving this cupcake set, design didn't come originally from me, copied from the internet. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello Kitty Cake

another hello kitty head shape cake
i made this cake by carving a square cake into a head shape of hello kitty, then covered it in fondant. 
voila... hello there kitty... an all time fave cartoon character

Mermaid and the sea creatures cookies

Cupcake Bday Set

3-D Cars Cake

Nautical Theme Cookies

Cupcake bday set

Gold anniversary cake

gold wedding anniversary cake
thank you mbak Mimi for the order

Ferrari Racing Cookies

ferrari racing theme cookies
i always love making cookies... but the process are way longer and more intricate than making cakes *sigh*

Simple Cupcakes

various cupcake for yearbook photoshoot
thank you mb Vivi for the order

Frozen Cake

frozen birthday cake for Raisya
thank you for the order, Yeny

Care Bears Cake

thank you mom Poppy for ordering 
the care bears was one of my childhood fave cartoon show 
it was such a delight making this cake
happy bday Naya

Transformer Cake

thank you Refika for ordering, happy birthday fahrelza

Carrousel cookies and cupcakes

carrousel theme cookies and cupcakes