Monday, October 13, 2014

Frozen Cake and Cookies

officially joined the elsa and anna frenzy lol
thank you tyas for ordering, birthday cake and frozen theme cookies

Family Cupcake Set

family cupcake set of 6 as requested: dad w/glasses and laptop, mom wears hijab and son in the middle

Lego Cupcake

lego head cupcakes and cupcake set for Raonar's birthday

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ballerina cake

Mickey and Minnie Cupcake

Fondant or Buttercream?

fondant covered cake, first you cover the cake with buttercream or ganache if its a chocolate cake, then cover it again with fondant sheet, fondant taste like marshmallow or marsipan, its sweet and gooey
why does it is more expensive than the buttercream covered cake? well, u see, it was double layered, buttercream then fondant, and also fondant itself is expensive

buttercream covered cake, taste creamy, sweet and light 

mulai sekarang, jangan nanya lagi yaa bedanya fondant sama buttercream...hahahaha...

Birthday Cookies

celebrating birthdays doesn't always means cake or cupcakes... a brilliant idea from a customer, to give a cookie set for her husband's birthday :)

a bit drama with the delivery courier, but it was delivered in one piece finally, fyi, i stop using that courier, they're so unprofessional, first they forgot my order, then they don't want to deliver my cookies :( 

End of School Year Cookies

end of school year cookies for nayra's schoolmates

Masha and the Bear

happy birthday Adin, thank you mama Fitri for the order :))

simple cupcake for goodie bag
and cupcake set in fondant covered

Mickey Mouse birthday!!

happy birthday Zola, thank you for the order mama Tyas... your ideas for theme and goodie bag are so inspiring as always ;)

Goodie bag cupcake

buttercream cupcake with edible image for goodie bag

Mermaid Cake

mermaid cake, thank you for your order:)
happy customer, happy baker :))

chocolate cake covered in fondant

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Golf cupcake set

Pocoyo cookies

Aeroplane cake and cupcake

aeroplane cake, all made from cake
choc cake, base 22cm round cake

mini choc cupcake covered in fondant for goodie bag

Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake

Lighting McQueen cake

my first time making a carved cake
size: 22cm x 11cm

handpainted all the logo, not using edible

Spiderman! kapowww

please mind that if you bring a photo of cake/cupcake/cookies you want to replicate, i could try to make it as much similar to it as i can but there's no guarantee that it could look the same 100%

even if it was my own previous design, often i couldn't recreate it exactly the same again, i tend to adjust the design/decor to each product and somehow come out with something different

cake/cookies/cupcakes were all handmade not factory made so its kinda impossible to duplicate and replicate products

thank you everyone for the order ;) cheers

Monster High Birthday Cake

thank you Arum for the order
it was such a delight to make this birthday cake
i love the plaid details on the side of the cake... love love love

Akmal's 4th birthday party

our baby boy has turned 4

four years has gone by
how time has flown
we can't believe how Akmal's grown

his laughs and smiles
his pouts and tears
but we wouldn't trade a minute
as his thankful mom and dad 

we love you, Akmal

Lego & friends Cake and Cookies

lego and friends cake and cookies 
for Alana birthday party

thank you for the order, happy birthday 7th bday to sweet Alana;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charlie and Lola Cookies

for Nayra's birthday celebration at school, this year we won't make any cake, only sharing goodiebags and spaghettis for her classmates and close friends

nevertheless we still want to have a themed birthday celebration, this time Nayra chose Charlie and Lola 
i love how she's somewhat anti mainstream, like last year when she chose My Little Pony, while most girls nowadays adores Frozen or Sofia the first.

Happy 7th birthday my sweet girl :) bunda loves you... to the moon and back

Hello Kitty Cake

Baby Girl Ballerina Cake

this was a remake from my previous ballerina cake,
but since its for a first birthday, i have to altered the decor to be more baby-ish... with the letter blocks and the little girl figurine

it was made during a heavy rainy day so the humidity dampen the fondant they won't harden as nicely as usual :(

but i still like the result though, hope the customer feels the same way :)

Tire Cake for a Biker

bikers birthday cake
thank you my high school dear friend Yeny for trusting me to make this bday cake 
it's a tire cake for his biker husband
hope you love it :)

Kamen Rider Cookies

Engagement Cookies


Monday, February 3, 2014

Yellow Kitty

hello kitty head cake, this time all yellow :)
the birthday girl loves yellow, hehe... glad to know a little girl who loves other color beside pink

so, which one do u prefer? pink or yellow? ;)

choco cake w/dark choco ganache

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ariel The Mermaid Cake

my second attemp making a 2D fondant character cake
the first one was Rapunzel but i forgot to take pic

chocolate cake w/dark choco ganache
yumm ;)

Barcelona Jersey cake

birthday cake for a barcelona fan 
order from one of my loyal customer, thank you Risma Anita :))

My Little Pony Cake

my little pony cake for Nasywa
thank you for the order Reska :)

chocolate cake w/dark choc ganache

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vintage Cookies and Cupcakes

vintage theme cookies and cupcakes, thank you for the order mb Karima

the pattern for top of the cupcakes are from edible images

Cars Cake

cars cake theme, thank you 4 the order mb Istianasari ;))

choc cake covered in buttetcream

Baby Safari Cookies

baby safari animals cookies... woot woot... love em ;))